Sunday, August 14, 2011

Please help find the people seen in the video!

This video depicts a horrible act of animal cruelty. Several boys are seen near a building pouring gasoline on a small dog and then set the dog on fire. The dog starts to cry in pain and runs into the building. After about one minute of being on fire, the dog goes silent.
Info on the video:
- The video was posted in a Facebook group in January 2011 and later removed.
- Someone found the video on Facebook and posted it on YouTube asking for help.
- The boys are speaking an Arabic dialect called “Shami”.
- The boys (5 in total) talk about making sure not to burn down the “orphanage” or “shelter” which is probably the building they are in.
- Based on all this information, It is believed the video was recorded in the country of Jordan.

The people seen in the video must be shown that this type of behavior will not be tolerated and they will be held accountable for their actions!!!
Help find the boys seen in the video hurting the dog and prevent them from hurting anymore animals!

We DO NOT condone nor tolerate animal abuse or cruelty!

This blog, information, pictures, and videos were posted to help find the people in the video who committed this horrible act of animal abuse!

The goal is to locate the people seen in the video and hold them accountable for their actions!

If you have any information that would help locate the people who did this, please leave a comment!